Friday, January 6, 2012

Wendi's top 11 of 2011

It was nearly painful to choose just 11 of my favorite images from 2011. I really wanted to do this though, and it was so much fun looking through folder after folder of photographs I have taken over the past year!

Beautiful, beautiful subjects to photograph! I am so blessed to be doing this.

I finally had it narrowed down to about 35…. but forced myself to continue the process of paring down. I asked myself to choose carefully; to truly consider what I am drawn to when my eyes first scan an image.

After that, I was able to figure out exactly what photos I would pick as my top 11.

Each one of these images, to me, is colored in emotion. That’s what I am attracted to in a picture, and that is where a lot of my photographic passion lies.

These are not in order of which I love best; ranking them, after the arduous process of choosing, would just be too much. :) They are listed in chronological order of photo sessions I have done for Ordinary Miracles Photography in 2011.

So, here they are.

1) Phoebe Byler. This was the first official shoot that I did after beginning Ordinary Miracles Photography. It was such a privilege to go into the Byler’s sweet home and take photos of darling Miss Phoebe, as she neared her first birthday. Right here she was getting a rare sugary treat, her cake, and was pretty awe filled.

2) Sarah & Troy’s wedding. This is the first wedding I ever photographed. Sarah was stunning. Their location was amazing; very romantic. The little white lights all around them were twinkling in the twilight of near sunset.

3) Ann Marie and Craig’s engagement shoot. So happy, excited, looking forward to the future

4) Precious Adam. I miss this dude. Guess what? My favorite photographs are imperfect. Perhaps a  more seasoned photographer would photoshop out the drool. Me? – I love it. I love real. I love the creativity, the color, the hint of a smile.

5) The Lemmon's. She was so shy, but knew she could hold tight to Daddy’s hand and everything would be okay. Trust. Innocence. You can see it. You can almost feel it.

6) The Green’s. There’s the blue sky, the grins and laughter. I was trying to analyze why I was drawn to this one again and again. I think part of it is that I love them. It’s not just the image, it’s the people. I know that behind the smiles there’s been some tough times and a choice to continue smiling. But, even if I didn’t know that – there would still be a factor that would draw me. You almost want to jump into the photo and hang out with them, ya’know?

7) Bethany & Eric’s engagement shoot. It was a fun night, a carnival setting. A bit on the warm side, but never too much so when you are in love and giddy about it. The sun was at just the right spot, the heart formed by their hands was quite representative of the couple.

8) Ann Marie, preparing for her wedding. Again, my favorite photos are photo journalistic. They are not perfect in exposure or composition, but they tell a story with out words. The diet coke, the camera, the mirror – the anxious anticipation in her eyes. Love it all.

9) A lovely family session with fairly new parents. Happy, in love, ready to do this mommy and daddy thing. and the dolly face in between. Yes.

10) Same session as above. So much in this. Commitmentinnocence, security. Daddy hands cradling baby feet. *happy sigh*

11) And the last one… does it need words? I think not, but I will offer a few. When this family showed up for their photo session Kristin and I called them our “GAP family” – because seriously, every single one of them looked like they had just stepped out of a GAP commercial. :)  And this little man, Huntyr, was absolutely adorbs to the max. Bright eyes, a ready smile. Oh my heart.

Here’s to 2012 – and many more beautiful moments captured forever. I can’t wait!


  1. So proud that Phoebe made the top 11. She is my sweetheart.

  2. awww..thanks! I am glad Adam made the count! I sure wish we had you to do his other photos..he is now 10 months!