Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lily Mae | Beginning of last chemo cycle {Photographed by Wendi}

On September 16th, 2011, Lily was diagnosed with type A.A.L Leukemia.

On January 9th, 2014 Lily went in to the hospital to begin her LAST cycle of chemo treatments!!

I had the privileged of being Lily's personal paparazzi that day. ;)

There was this really cool and very detailed mural in the lab waiting room.
It had words such as dream, joy, and seek hidden in the mural.
Lily had found most of the words on previous visits, and fitting with our celebration of the end of chemo, on this day -

she found the last three words. :)

Accessing her port.
She counted, "Just a minute" {deep breath} "1-2-3, ok".
Kind of made me super proud of her and broke my heart a little at the same time…

And…. a gift of cookies. For what is a celebration without gifting those who journeyed with you?


Next stop: Floor seven.
Floor seven represents alot.
Entering a pediatric oncology wing is never done lightly. 

Id bracelet on.

Familiar waiting room.

Game closet.
The paparazzi almost got to play a game with the patient, but alas, our waiting time was too short for that. :)

Just chillin'.
Comfortable with the routine of it all.

Testing how Lily's reflexes are responding to the treatment.

He was the one who confirmed the news in 2011.
The diagnosis.
The plan.
He's been with them every step of the way.

Going over all the pertinent numbers.
Lookin' pretty good.
 I'm sure this 9 year old can decipher lab jargon better than myself. ;)

A stitch from a skin biopsy had to be removed and it was not a fun process.
So sweet to see Miss Lily draw comfort from mama.
And her special pets. :)

And one more step…. Done!

On to the next part of the day: Infusion.
Of course, more cookies.
More dedicated health professionals.
Thankful hearts, all around.

This note….

I was surprised by her mobility in all of this.
So cool for little ones to be able to walk around and do fun stuff in a very not fun treatment process.

Meet Olaf. ;) 

The actual chemo is administered with caution and precision.

Last part…done. :)

Another very special nurse.

This journey,
everything the orange ribbon represents and so much more,
it's been crazy and full of ups and downs.
It's not over, I know that.
But the immense progress made is worth taking the time to pause with thankful hearts and celebrate.

I'm so glad I had the privilege of entering into that celebration in a very personal way.


  1. So beautiful! Congratulations Lily. I will be continuing to pray for your health.

  2. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. It has been a long journey for all of you, you all have grown, been prayed for, have been held up by our Lord......... you will continue to be prayed for and held up by our Lord. God Bless you on this final stage of your chemo. <3 Brenda