Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rachel + Benjamin | Wedding {Photographed by Wendi and Hannah}

This wedding… so elegant and classy! There was a simplicity to each element, but in the most well thought out and sacred manner.

Rachel and Benjamin were both so kind and a dream to work with.

I can honestly say I have never worked with a birdezilla ;) - but of all my brides, I do believe that Rachel was the most relaxed and laid back. Even those pre-wedding moments, which can often rattle even the calmest of brides, were spent in quiet preparation and reflection.

Free coffee for the lovely bride. :)

Rachel had chosen a classic gown that had a vintage feel to it. It was perfect for her.

Pre-wedding preparation is such a neat element to capture.

Daddy gets his first glimpse at his beautiful daughter. Sweetness. 

Rachel and her parents had an obvious loving and loyal bond.

A prayer before the ceremony.

The groom's father officiated the wedding.

My favorites. :)

It was a little bit windy that day… ;)

This reception venue and decor was amazing!

Take a look!

So, so pretty. I can almost smell all of those fresh flowers again. :)

There is a possibility that I may have hung out over here for a while. ;) A photographer has to get her energy somehow, right?

Now this groom's cake… I don't care who you cheer for, this is super cute. :)

Down time for the flower girl, in the lower level. :)

The new bride and groom, relaxing with some coffee. What could be better?

Leaving through a shower of gorgeous rose petals, and down a path of glowing lights.

Rachel and Benjamin, thank you for allowing us to capture these special moments! You both were so gracious and kind.

Congratulations on a day that truly exemplified the sacred commitments you made to one another!

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