Monday, July 21, 2014

Sarah + Thaddeus | Wedding {photographed by Wendi and Hannah}

Their day was gorgeous! Sunshine, a soft breeze, excitement, and all shades of blue.

{How cute is this?!}

I have probably mentioned this before, but I just love the pre-wedding prep.

The flurry of getting ready, sometimes a touch of stress, but always, always - an anticipation/eagerness that can be felt. Getting to be a part of that? - A privilege for sure!

The girls are usually all, "Where's my mascara?",
"What time is it? -Already?! Ahh!"

etc, etc, etc

The guys??

"Where is the best wi-fi signal?"

Love it. ;)

We had some fun times.

-And then the Main Event.

Seeing each other for the first time... -another favorite moment.

Sweet emotion.

Adored her smile under that veil.

Not sure I've ever heard, "You may now kiss your groom" until this wedding. ;)

And she did.

Gotta love this post wedding moment with Sarah's mom and dad. ;) Classic.

Wedding party, indeed!

We couldn't be more thrilled for both of you! Thanks for letting us have a part in your beautiful day.


  1. if you are taking all the pictures and moments in this blog, it's beautiful