Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sarah + Tony | Wedding {Photographed by Wendi}

It was a great privilege to be a part of Tony and Sarah's intimate and personal wedding day!
 It was a chilly October night and provided a few temperature and lighting challenges, but in the end everything turned out just right. 

It started out as a gorgeous fall afternoon.

The whole family was in on the wedding day prep!  The family love was evident throughout this day, on both sides.  I loved it! 

The details were gorgeous - and per my usual, I went a little crazy shooting every detail I could find. 

And, as I knew she would be,  Sarah was a stunning bride. 

Look at her!

The first time Tony got to see Sarah as his beautiful bride...

Sweet family love.  

I knew with a 7:30 ceremony time we would be losing our light quickly.  I wasn't quite counting on it being completely dark. ;) I can't lie - this was a first in my professional career; shooting an outdoor wedding in the dark. 

As you can see,  it ended up being just right.  Sarah and Tony's love for family, God, and one another just radiated so beautifully and I loved being able to capture that in their images!

Their reception was a great celebration.  The coffee and deserts were delicious, and again with the decor - so lovely. 

Many congratulations to this beautiful couple.  It was truly a joy to experience this day with them.

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