Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The birth of Zoë Mae {Photographed by Wendi}

Birth photography is not my primary genre of photography,  but I have to say that when I am asked to attend/photograph a birth I always realize what a privilege it is.  I have given birth 5 times.  I know the feeling of not really wanting many people around at that particular time in your life... and yet the desire to remember this significant milestone in your life is paramount.  That is what motivates some people to hire a birth photographer. 

This is the second birth I have photographed for Joseph and Brandalyn, and my first home birth.  Both experiences have been amazing! 

I arrived at J & B's home shortly after her water broke. 

Everything about the atmosphere I walked into spoke of peace, comfort, love, and lots of anticipation.!

And then, just like that,  things got really real, really fast!

And Brandalyn delivered her precious baby girl, lifting her up to her chest immediately and rejoiced in the most raw and precious moment of worship. 

And there she was! Perfect, pink, and content in mama's arms. 

Brandalyn had an amazing team working with her in the process! 

Zoë's brother J and sister P were so excited to meet her....

And of course the grandparents were equally delighted. :) 

Congratulations J & B! God is so good and he has truly blessed your family beyond measure. 

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