Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wendi's Top 15 of 2015

It's never easy to narrow down my favorite photos for an entire year but somehow, folder after folder, I narrow them down, and then filter through again, and then I stare at what's left in a favs folder (still way too many) and I look carefully.  I look for my signature elements and which photos contain it. 

It is a combination of feeling and light. Something unique. Not just smiles, not just eye contact - usually not eye contact actually. 

And these are the ones that spoke most clearly of my heart and what I strive to create every time I pull my camera out. 

Enjoy! I sure have. This has been another incredible year.  I will never stop delighting in the fact that God has developed a dream of my heart.   

And here we are.  Happy 2016! I'm already excited about the 16 photos that this page will contain next year at this time.

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