Hi! Dave and I are the owners of Ordinary Miracles Photography. We have been married for fourteen years, and are continuing to become closer together through the ups and downs of sharing our lives together.  Most of the time we enjoy the chaotic life of having four boys, ages 12, 9, 8,  and 6.  Sometimes we just want to play hide and seek with them and count to 50 million. ;)

In addition to photography, I am a stay at home mom, who stays at home very little, and a part time crisis pregnancy center counselor.  I take my camera every where with me and love to find beautiful images in surprising places.

I started getting serious about photography about six years ago and have been doing it professionally for four years. I most love non-tradition photography which captures emotion. My passion lies in photographing details as well as post production creativity.

My husband Dave is a full time custodian at Spring Arbor University. He is a very involved daddy, and greatly enjoys the outdoors. He has been interested in photography for many years, and we love being able to shoot together, when we get the chance!